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David is a local artist who has performed all over the world.  Since returning to Australia in 1994, he has appeared with all the leading opera companies and concert organisations. In 2015 he performed in La traviata for Opera Queensland, and in 2016 he will take the role of Don Basilio in The Barber of Seville.

With Christmas almost upon us, we asked him to share his thoughts on the festive season…

What’s your most memorable Christmas – and why? My first season at the Cologne Opera, where I was invited to celebrate Midwinter Solstice with some Icelandic Ballet Dancers (the State Religion of Iceland is Paganism). A feast of candles, pine needles and ritual.

Do you have a favourite Christmas drink? Last Christmas was so hot, my neighbour visited for a cocktail or two before Christmas Dinner. We decided on Margaritas (I have a very productive lime tree), which are perfect on a hot, Christmas afternoon. (but three is the limit).

What’s the oddest Christmas present you have ever received? Back in the ’90’s, when Tonia Todman was touting homemade everything on TV, my partner and I received collaged toilet rolls full of lollies!!!

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year? I make a Christmas pudding every year. This year I ran out of rum, so we are having the more traditional Brandy pudding (although I prefer rum), and instead of a Turkey Buffet, our local butcher does absolutely beautiful, free range pork, so it’s a loin. Recipe tip: unroll the loin, pour boiling water over the scoring, then rub in the oil & salt, re-roll, and bake on a low heat for as long as you dare.