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Opera Queensland

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On Friday, 7 April, Opera Queensland launched the 2017 season with Sensory – an extraordinary event in the iconic spaces of GOMA that left the audience breathless.

From the very moment of arrival, each guest became part of a delicious secret, a joyous celebration of music, dance, art, food and wine. As guests broke into smaller groups, they embarked on individual journeys through the gallery. The evening took on a dreamlike quality – guests were completely captivated by the artists’ stirring, emotional performances, and given a rare opportunity to witness it all up close.

The magic of the evening was in the subtleties – in the haunting sounds of Brendan Joyce’s violin, in the performers quiet smiles at the audience’s reaction, in Alex Raineri’s final notes of a piece, the controlled power of OperaQ artists and athleticism of the Expressions Dance Company dancers.

The powerful performances melted into the magnificent artworks and cavernous spaces, dissolving into one extraordinary, beautiful moment at a time, leaving the audience spent but happy. Sensory was truly a night to remember.