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OperaQ Media Release

Opera Queensland response to the National Opera Review – Discussion Paper

Opera Queensland welcomes the National Opera Review Discussion Paper and the forensic light it shines on the challenges facing major opera companies throughout Australia.

In particular, we appreciate the focus on the significant financial challenges Opera Queensland has faced in recent years.

Since 2012 Opera Queensland has been engaged in a strategic process to rebuild its financial, artistic and community capital. We believe we have ‘turned a corner’ in this process and would like to use this opportunity to share the good news that the company expects to post a surplus in  2015 in excess of $200,000 – its best result in 10 years.

It has been a difficult time but many of the initiatives we have put in place – such as new programming, major community projects, affordable ticketing, engaging more broadly and becoming more accessible – are consistent with some of the suggestions in the National Opera Review.

These initiatives have attracted many new audiences. More than three-quarters of the people who bought over 3,000 $25 tickets to La traviata and Candide in 2015 had never been to an OperaQ performance before.

The company is confident of its strategic ambitions and looks forward to continuing a rebuilding of our depleted reserves, proving our future viability as one of Australia’s Major Performing Arts Companies and consolidating our vital role as a leader in Queensland’s arts community.

We cannot do it alone and the National Opera Review process allows engagement on the future and vibrancy of Queensland’s 30-year-old opera company with Arts Queensland, The Australia Council, the Federal Ministry, our colleague arts companies, our patrons and sponsors, the arts community and the broader Queensland public to seek their strong, ongoing support.

We look forward to robust discussions with all these key stakeholders over the coming weeks, and to responding in detail to the Review’s findings in relation to Artistic Vibrancy, Audience Development, the significance of Regional Queensland, the Opera Conference and other issues key to the future of Opera Queensland.


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