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We’re now in the final week of rehearsals for La Cenerentola (here are some pics taken at our second-last rehearsal) before opening night on Saturday.

Lindy Goes to Leipzig
[LEFT] Clorinda and Tisbe (Magdalena Hinterdobler and Sandra Janke) [MIDDLE] Lighting Designer Matt Marshall at the production desk [RIGHT] Don Magnifico (Jose Fardilha)

It’s been a fairly epic journey but we’re nearly there now. I have a wonderful cast of singers and the gentlemen of the Leipzig Opera chorus have risen marvelously to the occasion.  It’s strange to see new people in the very-familiar costumes designed by Dan Potra, but the men look so dashing in Victorian clothes and our Cenerentola, Wallis Giunta looks and sounds absolutely ravishing! Matt Marshall has done wonders transferring the show’s 290 lighting cues onto Leipzig Opera’s standard lighting rig. We have our first audience for the General rehearsal on Thursday so I guess we’ll see then if people enjoy it!

Well it hasn’t been all work, I’ve taken myself off for some weekend adventures while I’ve been here: one in Paris, where I saw the first half of Il Barbiere di Siviglia at the Bastille (it was a Sunday matinee and that’s all I could fit in without missing my plane back to Leipzig) with a luxury cast of Bel Canto superstars led by tenor Laurence Brownlee and soprano Pretty Yende. Last weekend I zipped over to the UK, where I caught a train to Truro in Cornwall where a taxi picked me up and literally drove me across the sand at Porthowan Beach for a farewell party for a colleague who’s leaving Cornwall’s celebrated Kneehigh Theatre to take up a flash new job in LA. He’ll miss the spectacular, wild coastline of Cornwall, which although it was on the cold side of the planet, reminded me of Oz. It was SO good to hear crashing waves and smell the salt air. I get terribly homesick when I’m away – the light, the gum trees and vivid landscape, friends and family….

So I’m looking forward to getting back to Oz next week and back to Brisbane after Easter for Madama Butterfly and then creating our own Barbiere, with the great adventure of a Queensland regional tour ahead!

See you soon, and wish me luck for opening night of “our” La Cenerentola here in Leipzig! OperaQ Chair Rob Hubbard and his wife Leanne arrive here on Friday night – Rob and Leanne made the winning bid for two tickets to opening night of La Cenerentola at the 2015 OperaQ Gala. My date will be Candide conductor Paul Kildea, who lives in Berlin. I get pretty nervous on those occasions so it will be nice to have their friendly, familiar faces there!