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We recently introduced you to our 2020 Young Artist, Rebecca Cassidy, a soprano with exceptional ability.

We invited Rebecca to record an aria for our new digital program, An Aria A Day. Today we are delighted to share her performance and a little more of Rebecca’s story with you.

Rebecca vividly remembers her parents taking her to see a touring production of Carmen in Townsville, when she was still in primary school. She was captivated by the power and emotional intensity of the performance and knew instantly she wanted to become an opera singer. 

For An Aria a Day, Rebecca sings, ‘Ave Maria’ from Verdi’s Otello. A beautiful prayer sung by Desdemona moments before Otello takes her life.

Participating in Opera Queensland’s Young Artist Program this year is a turning point for her career.

We are delighted to share this aria with you and invite you to donate to our 2020 Annual Appeal to support our emerging artists. 

Donations made during our Annual Appeal have the power to deliver double the impact. The Mather Foundation has generously pledged to match donations, so whatever you donate is effectively doubled. For instance, $100 becomes $200 or $500 becomes $1000.