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Following two sensational performances to packed audiences on Saturday 12 November, it’s clear to see why Cole Porter’s Kiss Me, Kate has remained a worldwide hit for almost 70 years. Porter’s bold, witty lyrics and hit melodies soared in the hands of OperaQ’s star-studded cast, dynamic Opera Queensland Chorus, Queensland Symphony Orchestra and charismatic student ensemble from Queensland Conservatorium’s Musical Theatre Program.



★★★★☆ “A terrific cast in an exuberant semi-staged production…” LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE [READ MORE]

“…given the success of OperaQ’s Candide, this show was always going to be safe in Opera Queensland’s hands. The result is not just a triumphant comical marriage of Shakespeare and Porter, but also of orchestral and musical excellence that feels equally fresh as it does of its time.” BLUE CURTAINS [READ MORE]

“…a top-heavy cast of stars, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Opera Queensland Chorus and Queensland Conservatorium – Musical Theatre vocally blew the roof off the Concert Hall.” STAGE WHISPERS [READ MORE]

“Barker and Coleman-Wright are wonderful as the warring lead couple, each with their own commanding stage presence. Barker is appropriate feisty on stage as the shrewsome Katharine; proud and haughty, she is sharp-tonged in her song ‘ I Hate Men’ and full of violent threats in her titular duet with Petruchio. There is melancholic beauty in her vulnerability in delivery, of ‘So in Love’ and also Coleman-Wright’s reprise of the number, with vocals that resonate with the song’s tragic resignation of unrequited love.” BLUE CURTAINS [READ MORE]

“Musical theatre star Naomi Price as Lois Lane/Bianca was terrific, her performances of ‘Why Can’t You Behave?’ and ‘Always True to You in My Fashion’ spot on. She was joined by Jason Barry-Smith as Bill/Lucentio who brought a truthfulness to his flawed character and delivered a very fine Bianca. The two gangsters played by Bryan Probets and Shaun Brown had the right level of malice and stupidity to make them the fall guys, singing and dancing their way through ‘Brush Up Your Shakespeare’ with aplomb. There were fabulous supporting performances from an excellent cast – a mixture of music theatre performers such as Kurt Phelan as Gremio, Bradley McCaw as Hortensio and Lizzie Moore as Hattie, veteran actor Robert Coleby as Harry/ Baptista and Paul Bishop, who gave us a marvellous suitor, Harrison Howell. ” LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE [READ MORE]


“Thank you. It was a truly wonderful performance. Brisbane is so lucky to have such wonderful and talented performers. I loved it!”

“You made an octogenerian very very happy…not just because it was the music of one of the greatest, but the experience of being there at QPAC, to see ‘the whole kit and kaboodle’ – Opera Queensland and Queensland Symphony Orchestra giving a capacity audience their everything! With your combined efforts on Kiss Me, Kate, I cant wait to see you all shine in Ruddigore next year.”