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For the OperaQ Gala 2016, we are pleased to welcome a new partner into the fold. Xennox Diamonds has joined forces with OperaQ to create a special piece of jewellery to be raffled at the Gala. Learn about the company from Managing Director, Karl Schwantes. 

Tell us the story of Xennox Diamonds… 

Xennox Diamonds was founded 40 years ago by Wolfgang and Georgette Schwantes on the core pillars on unique designs, quality craftsmanship and integrity. While we have transitioned through a number of different locations in the CBD, these core pillars have always remained the same. Having clients being able to see the jewellers crafting their rings on the premises has always been something that we have prided ourselves on. Now our boutique jewellery store has taken a new direction in not just crafting beautiful pieces of jewellery but also creating memorable experiences around them that clients will always remember. Our core philosophy is to tell your story through the power of your jewellery with an experience that you will remember forever. Your story, An experience, Remembered forever.

What is your personal design philosophy? 

When I am designing a piece, I always look to create something that is classic and timeless, yet has something unique that the wearer gets to enjoy. Often times it can be a simple diamond set into the side of the setting, or maybe incorporating the ladies favourite coloured gemstone into the design. That way it is totally personalised for the lady wearing it. My main aim is to have you love it as much in 50 years as the first time you put it on.

Opera is a story told through singing and music. Tell us how Xennox Diamonds tells a story through the creation of jewellery? 

I believe that your jewellery tells a story just like the one that is told on a stage. We believe that your personal story is told through the jewellery that you wear. Wearing beautiful jewellery gives the wearer a feeling of confidence. Every time you look at your jewellery, we want you to be reminded of that beautiful moment when you were presented with it.

Xennox Diamonds design for serious diamond and jewellery connoisseurs – what are some of your trademark pieces? 

One of my trademark pieces is the ring that won the Passion8 National Design award for 2015. While from the top it appears like a classic engagement ring, when you look form the side, you see more than 60 diamonds set into a scroll, with an Argyle pink diamond set into the centre. Using the uniquely Australian diamonds have long been a passion of mine. Not only because of their rarity, but as one of the few gemstones that appreciate in value by around 25% every year, it is a true legacy piece.

What’s one of the most memorable jewellery pieces you’ve ever worked on? 

I was asked to design a beautiful Argyle pink diamond pendant for a Hollywood A-List Actress. The pendant featured a quarter of a carat Argyle pink diamond and was surrounded by stunning white diamonds.

This October you are supporting the OperaQ Gala with a jewellry piece to raise funds for our artistic and community programs.  Tell us about your giving philosophy? 

I think the arts are something that is worth encouraging. It’s what gives us our individuality and allows us as artists to express ourselves. To give, so that other artists can continue to express what they do is something that brings me great joy. I feel incredibly fortunate that I am able to help give to such a worthy cause.

For more information about Xennox Diamonds, visit: xennoxdiamonds.com.au